French FemTech Startup Sonio Raises $14M for Augmented Prenatal Ultrasounds –

French FemTech Startup Sonio Raises M for Augmented Prenatal Ultrasounds –
French FemTech Startup Sonio Raises M for Augmented Prenatal Ultrasounds –

What You Should Know:

  • Sonioa French medtech specializing in pregnant people and children’s health raises $14M following the initial commitment of the EIC Fund (European Innovation Council) last December.
  • This round is led by Cross Border Impact Ventures, a North American impact fund dedicated to the health of women and children, and the Elaia funds, French Tech Seed managed on behalf of the State by Bpifrance in the framework of France 2030, OneRagtimeas well as business angels very active in the health field, including Dominique Gaillard (former president of France Invest), Alain Decombe (Dechert) and Yann Fleureau (founder of Cardiologs), who renew their trust.

Improving Access to Quality Pregnancy Monitoring

True to its mission to improve access to quality pregnancy monitoring for all, Sonio will use this fundraising to continue to improve its SaaS solution, initiate its commercial development in the United States, and adapt its technology for the use of portable ultrasound scanners. The Company has developed the first SaaS, agnostic and interoperable, to automate ultrasound reporting, while providing image quality control and detection of potential anomalies using AI. Sonio will continue to enrich its artificial intelligence for image recognition in order to extend the number of automatically recognized images, to be able to check their quality, and to help detect anomalies, and will integrate data into its multimodal platform imaging and genomics.

Sonio has always had the ambition to offer quality care to all pregnant people and all children, including in the poorest regions, particularly affected by maternal mortality. Of the 287,000 women who died in such circumstances in 2020, 70% were recorded in sub-Saharan Africa. Sonio’s technology, made available to manufacturers of portable ultrasound scanners, will enable healthcare personnel to carry out ultrasounds all over the world to high and verified quality standards. Sonio has identified the mission of meeting the specific needs of these new equipment manufacturers both to equip new non-expert practitioners in developed countries (emergency physicians, general practitioners/midwives in medical deserts) and in developing countries. development.

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