Emory Healthcare Joins nference’s Federated Data Network

Emory Healthcare Joins nference's Federated Data Network to Advance Healthcare Research

What You Should Know:

Emory Healthcare, an academic health system in Georgia and nference, a science-first software company transforming healthcare data for research and discovery, today announced a collaboration to expand access to diverse, aggregated, and de-identified data with the goal of accelerating groundbreaking research, disease diagnoses, and new treatments.

– nference’s expertise in data science and Emory Healthcare’s rich clinical data resources will enable researchers to gain new insights into diseases and develop more effective treatments.

Expanding Access to Diverse Data

Emory Healthcare’s participation in nference’s federated data network will expand the network’s reach and diversity, providing researchers with access to a broader range of data from different patient populations. This will be particularly valuable for research in oncology, geriatrics, neurology/neurosurgery, obstetrics/gynecology, and urology – areas where Emory Healthcare is a national leader.

Leveraging nference’s AI Platform

Emory Healthcare will leverage nference’s state-of-the-art AI platform, nSights, to securely de-identify health information and extract valuable insights from patient data. nSights enables researchers to build highly specific cohorts for large-scale research while preserving patient privacy.

“At Emory Healthcare, we are committed to research excellence and recognize the significance of real-world evidence for addressing unmet needs in patient populations,” said Joe Depa, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Emory Healthcare and Emory University. “This collaboration with nference allows us to join a federated data network of leading institutions that will enable ground-breaking research. Together, we can work to improve lives and provide hope, tackling some of the most critical healthcare challenges of our time while delivering comprehensive, data-driven insights.”

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