Dolbey, SOAP Health Partner on AI-Driven Early Disease Detection –

Dolbey, SOAP Health Partner on AI-Driven Early Disease Detection –
Dolbey, SOAP Health Partner on AI-Driven Early Disease Detection –

What You Should Know:

  • Dolbey and Company, Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with SOAP Health, a leading AI medical practice innovator.
  • This collaboration brings together Dolbey’s state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™, with SOAP Health’s expertise in leveraging AI for medical encounters. The partnership is poised to revolutionize how healthcare professionals and patients interact, improving productivity, revenue, early disease detection, diagnosis, and patient outcomes.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Medical Encounters

Steven Charlap, MD, CEO of SOAP Health, envisions an AI-augmented future for medical practice with simplified workflows, decreased liability exposure, and drastically reduced diagnostic errors. This partnership with Dolbey is a significant step toward realizing that vision.

“By integrating Dolbey’s Fusion Narrate, we’ve combined the best of both worlds – superior voice dictation and command and control technology, and our patented AI-powered pre-visit voice and image-based data collection, risk and symptom assessment, note creation, and integration,” said Dr. Charlap. “This combination surpasses all of the ambient-focused dictation systems on the market today both for its clinical utility and revenue-improving benefits. As entrepreneurs and healthcare evangelists, SOAPians are beyond excited at this partnership’s potential to drive meaningful changes in medicine.”

Combined with SOAP, Dolbey allows command and control instant placement of an edited patient pre-visit completed SOAP note over 100 Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs). SOAP Health’s mission to improve early disease detection aligns with Dolbey’s commitment to enhance healthcare through innovative technologies. This partnership is expected to yield significant advancements in physician workflows, patient care, and overall health outcomes.

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