Cox Health to Implement Epic Enterprise EHR, Replacing Cerner

Cox Health to Implement Epic Enterprise EHR, Replacing Cerner
Cox Health to Implement Epic Enterprise EHR, Replacing Cerner

What You Should Know:

CoxHealth, a healthcare system in southwest Missouri announced it will implement Epic enterprise EHR across its health system, replacing its long-time Cerner EHR system.

– This strategic move signifies a commitment to delivering the highest standard of care while embracing cutting-edge technology to empower both patients and healthcare professionals.

Unifying Workflows, Streamlining Care

The move to Epic wasn’t taken lightly. Following an extensive selection process involving hundreds of staff and providers, CoxHealth recognized Epic’s potential to:

  • Unify disparate workflows: Streamlining processes across various departments, leading to improved efficiency and collaboration.
  • Provide seamless patient care: Ensuring smooth information flow across the health system, resulting in better-coordinated and more effective care.
  • Bolster patient engagement: Empowering patients through MyChart, Epic’s industry-leading patient portal, with features like appointment scheduling, health information access, and educational resources.

Empowering Patients, Enhancing Outcomes

MyChart’s capabilities extend beyond mere information access. It facilitates seamless communication, simplifies appointment scheduling, and integrates patient records across various healthcare institutions, ensuring holistic care delivery.

Max Buetow, CoxHealth President and CEO, emphasizes the importance of equipping their team with the best tools: “We have incredible people, and Epic provides them with best-practice tools to achieve remarkable things.” He envisions exciting future possibilities for leveraging Epic’s platform to constantly improve patient safety, quality of care, and operational efficiency.

Epic Enterprise EHR Implementation Timeline

With a projected completion by early 2026, CoxHealth’s Epic EHR implementation marks a significant milestone in its journey to provide exceptional healthcare. This strategic investment positions the health system for continued success in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, where technology plays an increasingly crucial role in delivering personalized, efficient, and patient-centric care.

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