Children’s Health Deploys Generative AI-Powered Clinical Summaries

Children’s Health Deploys Generative AI-Powered Clinical Summaries
Children’s Health Deploys Generative AI-Powered Clinical Summaries

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What You Should Know:

Children’s Health, a pediatric health system announced it has deployed Pieces, a clinically-oriented generative AI solution, across its inpatient care. 

– Pieces seamlessly integrates with the hospital’s Epic EMR and has quickly become a daily tool for doctors, nurses, and case managers, facilitating clinical handoffs, managing length of stay, tackling discharge barriers, enhancing team communication, and supporting multidisciplinary rounds.

Real-Time “Working Clinical Summaries

Pieces generates concise, 100-word summaries of a patient’s clinical journey, regardless of length of stay or complexity of care. This real-time insight, available across diverse specialties like hospital medicine, child psychiatry, and neonatology, allows for efficient handoffs, improved team communication, and better-informed decision-making.

User Acceptance Adoption

Within weeks of implementation, Pieces has achieved remarkable user acceptance, seamlessly integrating into the existing Epic EMR system. This rapid adoption speaks volumes about the tool’s intuitive design and immediate value proposition.

Addressing Pediatric Nuances

A key challenge for AI in healthcare is adapting to the unique clinical presentations and needs of children. Pieces successfully overcomes this hurdle by employing a combination of contextual modeling, collaborative and adversarial AI, and human-in-the-loop supervision. This comprehensive approach ensures accurate and reliable summaries across a wide range of pediatric age groups.

The Children’s Health deployment of Pieces marks a significant milestone in AI integration within pediatric healthcare. Its success in streamlining clinical workflows, improving communication, and enhancing care delivery demonstrates the immense potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare for patients of all ages.

“We are encouraged by the positive responses to this technology from our care teams,” said Dr. Philip Bernard, chief medical information officer at Children’s Health. “Our clinicians recognize that Generative AI will allow our teams to enhance high-quality, innovative care. Pieces is delivering meaningful and generative AI for our patients, ensuring the safe use of this technology today.”

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