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Changing Hormones Can Affect Your Workouts

We often think about our muscles’ straining and our breathing when exercising. But what we don’t usually consider is how our bodies’ underlying mechanisms assist us. While we can’t see it, our bodies support us by firing innumerable chemical reactions, including hormones. Even though they aren’t as visible as muscles, one’s ability to exercise can […]

An Interview with Mr. Restee Collins

Restee Collins is an experienced businessman with a passion for healthcare. By collaborating with key people within the medical industry, he applies his sales savvy to enable preventative diagnostics and medical services for people across the country.  “I’m pretty eclectic,” he said. “I’m pretty much a serial entrepreneur with different products.” A highlight in his […]

Part 2, Extracellular Vesicles, Exosomes and Signaling

Biological Signaling In cell biology, eukaryotic cells communicate through direct contact (juxtacrine signaling) or by the secretion of soluble factors such as growth factors, hormones and cytokines. These soluble factors can act on the cell itself (autocrine signaling), neighboring cells (paracrine signaling) or distant cells (endocrine signaling). In the past few decades, extracellular vesicles (EVs) […]

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