Butterfly, Mendaera Partner to Transform Interventional Care with AI-Powered Robots

Butterfly Introduces Two Ultrasound Education Offerings

What You Should Know:

Butterfly Network (BFLY), a provider of portable ultrasound technology, and Mendaera, a Silicon Valley robotics innovator, are teaming up to bring an AI-powered robotic system to market.

– Powered by Butterfly™ solution, the collaboration promises to transform interventional procedures by combining Butterfly’s cutting-edge Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology with Mendaera’s precision robotics.

Elevating Interventional Medicine

The collaboration aims to address critical challenges in healthcare. Workforce shortages and burnout often limit access to high-quality interventional care, especially for image-guided, needle-based procedures. This novel AI-powered robotic system seeks to:

– Enhance precision and consistency: Mendaera’s robots, paired with Butterfly’s ultrasound technology, will offer surgeons and clinicians greater control and accuracy during delicate procedures.

– Increase access to care: By making interventional treatments more readily available, this technology can benefit patients in underserved areas and those facing limited healthcare options.

– Streamline patient care: Improved efficiency and accuracy can lead to shorter procedure times and quicker recoveries, ultimately reducing the strain on healthcare systems.

Targeted FDA Submission by 2025

With FDA submission anticipated by 2025, this partnership marks a significant leap forward in medical robotics. This innovative system has the potential to not only transform image-guided procedures but also contribute to a more efficient and equitable healthcare landscape.

“At Mendaera, we envision a world where high-quality intervention is available at every care facility, for each and every patient encounter. It was a clear choice for us to collaborate with Butterfly on our technology roadmap, given their unique and programmable Ultrasound-on-Chip™ platform and aligned mission to make ultrasonic imaging and intervention ubiquitous,” said Josh DeFonzo, Co-Founder and CEO of Mendaera.

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