Biorithm Secures $3.5M to Revolutionize Connected Maternity Care –

Biorithm Secures .5M to Revolutionize Connected Maternity Care –
Biorithm Secures .5M to Revolutionize Connected Maternity Care –

What You Should Know:

Biorithm, a global women’s health medtech company, has secured $3.5M in Series A funding to fuel its mission of improving maternal health outcomes and reducing preventable pregnancy complications.

– This investment, co-led by Adaptive Capital Partners and SEEDS Capital, will support Biorithm’s expansion in key markets like Southeast Asia and the United States, as well as the advancement of its flagship Femom technology.

Combating Preventable Complications

Tragically, childbirth complications claim the lives of 800 women every day. Biorithm tackles this head-on by pioneering new standards of protocol-based remote monitoring. Their flagship solution, Femom, empowers clinicians to identify early signs of complications through patient-friendly technology, personalized guidance, and predictive analytics.

Femom: Empowering Proactive and Connected Care for Expectant Mothers

Biorithm’s Femom platform aims to transform maternity care by offering a comprehensive remote monitoring solution. This patient-friendly technology facilitates:

– Continuous monitoring of maternal and fetal biometrics

– Personalized guidance and support for expectant mothers

– Predictive analytics to identify early signs of potential complications

– Seamless integration with healthcare providers for timely interventions

“We are truly heartened to have the support of our new and existing investors. We feel a deep commitment to improving the health of expectant mothers and putting an end to preventable complications. There is a collapse of maternal care driven by socio-economic factors and limitation of current monitoring technologies in many regions across the world, and we are hard at work to solve this problem in partnership with others. The investment we have received is a testament to our mission at Biorithm, and a future where every expectant mother has access to healthcare that is not only proactive but profoundly connected to her unique journey,” Amrish Nair, Founder and CEO, Biorithm.

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