Avreo & Annalise.ai Integrate to Optimize Radiology Triage –

Avreo & Annalise.ai Integrate to Optimize Radiology Triage –
Avreo & Annalise.ai Integrate to Optimize Radiology Triage –

What You Should Know:

  • Avreo, a leading US healthcare workflow solution provider, announced an exciting integration partnership with Annalise.ai, a pioneer in artificial intelligence for medical imaging.
  • This collaboration aims to revolutionize radiology triage for US healthcare centers through the distribution of Annalise.ai’s cutting-edge solution with a focus on teleradiology providers.

Streamlining Healthcare Workflow

Avreo’s cutting-edge interWORKS platform provides cloud-based accessibility to workflow management, diagnostic viewing, and unified reporting tools, excelling in distributed reading environments and seamlessly integrating with enterprise healthcare systems.

The revolutionary Annalise Triage is poised to revolutionize the field of radiology by enabling radiologists to efficiently prioritize studies with suspected critical findings. This innovative solution optimizes workflow, contributing to a quicker time-to-detection for urgent conditions.

Annalise Triage boasts an impressive array of 12 FDA-cleared findings, covering 5 for chest X-ray (CXR) and 7 for non-contrast brain CT (CTB). This comprehensive offering has received 510(k) clearances and the coveted FDA breakthrough designation for obstructive hydrocephalus. Notably, Annalise Triage is the exclusive radiology triage device to achieve this recognition, a distinction reserved for devices meeting specific criteria.

“By embedding Annalise.ai’s powerful technology directly into the interWORKS worklist and diagnostic viewer, radiology groups can strategically manage imaging workflows with elevated confidence, improve rapid response reporting on critical exams, and deliver higher quality services to their clients and patients,” said Timothy Rose, VP Business Development at Avreo Inc.

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