Augmedix Launches Gen AI Mobile App for Automated Medical Notes

Augmedix Launches Gen AI Mobile App for Automated Medical Notes
Augmedix Launches Gen AI Mobile App for Automated Medical Notes

What You Should Know:

– Augmedix, a provider of ambient medical documentation and data solutions, announced the early access release Augmedix Go, a clinician-controlled mobile app that uses generative AI to instantaneously create a fully automated draft medical note after each patient visit.

Augmedix Go harnesses proprietary natural language processing (NLP), large language models (LLMs), and structured data sets, key components of Augmedix’s tech stack. This powerful technology is utilized in a thoughtful manner to ensure comprehensive and highly accurate medical notes with appropriate guardrails that safeguard against errors.

Clinician-Controlled Mobile App for Acute & Ambulatory Settings

The new solution offers a variety of features to support busy healthcare clinicians throughout their clinic day, including summaries of key medical events, reminders of unfinished notes, and flexibility for post-visit dictation and text editing. The mobile app includes output control through a multimodal interface and can be utilized in both acute and ambulatory care settings. The new app can be deployed quickly across hospitals and health systems. Clinicians can get immediate access to review, edit and approve their medical notes, and can be integrated into any leading electronic health record (EHR) system.

“Augmedix was the first to bring to market the practice of ambient medical documentation to the nation’s leading health systems,” said Augmedix Founder, Director, and Chief Strategy Officer Ian Shakil. “Building upon the success of our full-service Augmedix Live and Augmedix Notes products, Augmedix Go is unique in that it reimagines the clinician experience at scale. This product serves as a prime example of the future of AI medical documentation.”

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