ARTIS Ventures Closes $200M TechBio Fund to Support Next Era of Health & Medicine Innovation

ARTIS Ventures Closes 0M TechBio Fund to Support Next Era of Health & Medicine Innovation
ARTIS Ventures Closes 0M TechBio Fund to Support Next Era of Health & Medicine Innovation

What You Should Know:

ARTIS Ventures, a pioneer in this “TechBio” revolution, announces the closing of its second fund, TechBio II, with $200M focused on healthcare and biology innovation.

– The fund aims to support early-stage companies to transform human health and well-being by leveraging growing data sets, advanced analytics, and insights.

TechBio II Investment Thesis

Diseases once deemed incurable now have hope, personalized therapies are becoming a reality, and the human body is being understood with unprecedented precision. This convergence of technology and medicine is TechBio, and ARTIS is committed to its growth. ARTIS’s new $200M TechBio II fund seeks to empower early-stage companies with the potential to not only create immense value but also deliver significant societal impact.

Their investment philosophy is guided by six key principles:

– Think Global: Platforms with global reach hold the key to driving the most meaningful change.

– Leave No One Behind: ARTIS prioritizes funding solutions for neglected diseases and aims for universal benefit.

– Transform Systems: From hospitals to homes, they seek innovations that revolutionize care delivery across the spectrum.

– Embrace Diversity: A belief that diverse perspectives fuel breakthrough solutions drives their commitment to a diverse portfolio.

– Persist with Grit: Transforming entrenched systems requires unwavering perseverance, and ARTIS supports founders with the tenacity to overcome challenges.

– Stay Focused: Navigating complex healthcare and biology landscapes demands specialized expertise and strategic vision.

“The age of TechBio brings with it tremendous hope and possibility. United by our common humanity and shared desire for health and well-being, we now have innovations at our fingertips that can alleviate suffering for millions. The future looks brighter than ever, and the only limit to progress is our imagination. If we dream it, we can achieve it,” said Stuart Peterson & Vasudev Bailey, Managing Partners, ARTIS Ventures in the announcement.

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