Alcohol Tracking App Sunnyside Raises $11.5M to Support Healthier Drinking Habits

Alcohol Tracking App Sunnyside Raises .5M to Support Healthier Drinking Habits
Alcohol Tracking App Sunnyside Raises .5M to Support Healthier Drinking Habits

What You Should Know:

Sunnyside, an app and program that helps people build healthier habits around drinking alcohol, today announced $11.5M in Series A funding and the hire of Steve Lloyd as Chief Product and Technology Officer.

– The funding round was led by Motley Fool Ventures with major participation from Will Ventures, bringing the company’s total funding to $14.6M to date. Additional Series A investors include Uncork CapitalOffline VenturesJoyance PartnersWisdom VenturesEudemian VenturesAdjacentScribble Ventures, Cooley LLP, and Michael Lee, founder of MyFitnessPal. Lloyd previously served as Chief Product and Technology Officer for Strava, a leading fitness and exercise tracking app serving more than 100 million athletes

A New Approach to Alcohol Management

Sunnyside is pioneering a new approach to alcohol management, moving away from the traditional all-or-nothing, sobriety-focused programs that have dominated the space. Based on research from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) validating non-abstinence-based approaches to alcohol use treatment, Sunnyside focuses on moderation and balance, without pressuring users to quit entirely. This approach is resonating with a large segment of the population, as two-thirds of U.S. adults drink alcohol, and of this population, 48% report wanting to cut back.

Sunnyside’s Personalized Program

Sunnyside’s personalized program helps individuals gradually decrease their alcohol intake and maintain healthier levels for the long term. The program features weekly goal setting, daily SMS-based nudges, access to a vibrant member community, and 1:1 peer coaching and support. The app uses a baseline assessment to develop an attainable program that supports members in achieving their goals.

Early Success and Future Plans

Sunnyside’s effectiveness has been validated by a team of researchers, with efficacy findings to be presented at the annual conference of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies later this year. On average, Sunnyside members reduce their drinking by 32%, cut out 1,500 calories, and save over $50 in their first 30 days.

With the new funding, Sunnyside plans to:

– Further develop its product experience to expand social connections among the member community

– Introduce “Sunny,” the first-of-its-kind AI mindful drinking coach

– Advance its mission to make proactive alcohol management as common and socially accepted as managing diet, exercise, and mindfulness.

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