Aidoc Invests $30M to Develop Clinical AI Foundation Model

Aidoc Invests M to Develop Clinical AI Foundation Model
Aidoc Invests M to Develop Clinical AI Foundation Model

What You Should Know:

Aidoc, the leading provider of clinical AI solutions, announced a significant investment of $30M to create a groundbreaking comprehensive clinical AI foundation model.

– This cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize the way medical imaging is used to diagnose and treat patients worldwide.

Unleashing the Power of Clinical AI

A recent study revealed that hospitals currently utilize only 3% of their available medical imaging data, leaving a wealth of untapped insights that could be harnessed through AI-powered precision medicine. Aidoc’s foundation model aims to unlock this untapped resource on a large scale, addressing three key areas:

– Accelerated Development: The foundation model will enable quicker creation of robust imaging algorithms, significantly reducing the time it takes to bring new AI-powered diagnostic tools to market.

– Comprehensive Coverage: The model will cover a broad spectrum of medical conditions, enhancing the thoroughness and accuracy of diagnoses across a wide range of diseases.

– Unmatched Precision: The foundation model will establish new benchmarks for accuracy in medical imaging AI, particularly in integrating multimodal information from different imaging modalities, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs.

Driving Effective Delivery with Aidoc’s aiOS™

While text-based foundation models like ChatGPT have revolutionized various industries, Aidoc recognizes the unique potential of this technology within the domain of medical imaging. The company’s robust AI multimodal training infrastructure places it in a unique position to create a comprehensive imaging AI model. Aidoc aims to leverage this foundation model to enhance diagnostic precision and develop an entirely new category of products and experiences.

Aidoc has already made significant progress in developing imaging foundation models. During beta testing, the company has been able to achieve comparable accuracy to existing algorithm performance on X-ray imaging using foundation model-developed versions.

Real-World Impact through Clinical Integration

Recognizing that the foundation model alone is not enough to drive meaningful change in the complex real-world settings of health systems, Aidoc is committed to developing an effective delivery mechanism within clinical workflows. Aidoc’s revolutionary AI-powered solutions seamlessly integrate into clinical workflows via its proprietary AI operating system, aiOS™.

“Health systems face immense pressure daily and cannot afford to utilize technologies that are not effective from the outset,” said Michael Braginsky, CTO and co-founder of Aidoc. “The aiOS™ is designed precisely for the purpose of ensuring that cutting-edge technologies can be leveraged with minimal time from IT teams within a hospital enabling easy deployment. The goal is that with the combined power of Aidoc’s aiOS™ and our foundation model we will deliver a potent one-two punch intended to provide the optimal solution for scaling AI in healthcare.”

Aidoc’s investment in the development of a clinical AI foundation model underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and healthcare leadership. With its existing technology already processing millions of patient scans each month, Aidoc aims to harness the power of AI to revolutionize medical imaging and improve patient care worldwide.

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