AHIMA Launches Data for Better Health™ Initiative

AHIMA Launches Data for Better Health™ Initiative
AHIMA Launches Data for Better Health™ Initiative

What You Should Know: 

– Today, the American Health Information Management Association® (AHIMA) unveiled its groundbreaking initiative, Data for Better Health™, at its annual conference, AHIMA23, in Baltimore, MD.

– The Data for Better Health initiative is poised to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by enhancing awareness of the transformative potential of social determinants of health (SDOH) data to improve health outcomes. 

Data for Better Health Initiative Goals

According to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, only 20 percent of our health is related to access to care and quality of healthcare service. The remaining 80 percent is determined by societal factors, including an individual’s physical environment, socioeconomic factors like education or job status, or health behaviors such as diet and exercise. This AHIMA initiative will empower healthcare professionals working with SDOH data, thought leaders, policymakers, and the public with the knowledge and resources necessary to harness SDOH data to improve individual and community health.

The goals of the AHIMA Data for Better Health initiative include:

  • Engaging healthcare professionals working with SDOH to understand the business case for collecting, using, and sharing SDOH data and to offer strategies for success.
  • Educating and engaging with consumers to build trust and a greater understanding of SDOH and the benefits of sharing SDOH information with healthcare professionals.
  • Advancing policy and advocacy among policymakers by developing and promoting a data-driven SDOH advocacy agenda.
  • Supporting innovation within the healthcare ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of best practices and new models.

“To truly enhance health outcomes, AHIMA is committed to driving change within the healthcare industry, engaging consumers, shaping policy, and accelerating the use of SDOH data,” said AHIMA Board President/Chair Jennifer Mueller, MBA, RHIA, SHIMSS, FACHE, FAHIMA. “Our organization is committed to leading this transformative change nationally while our members act within their organizations and communities.”

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