Aetion, FDA to Evaluate Real-World Data Standardization for COVID-19

Aetion, FDA to Evaluate Real-World Data Standardization for COVID-19

What You Should Know:

Aetiona provider of real-world evidence (RWE) technology and analytics, today announced that the FDA has extended Aetion’s contract to evaluate real-world data (RWD) involving COVID-19 medical countermeasures.

– Aetion will be expanding its work to evaluate data standardization in the context of COVID-19. Aetion has been collaborating with FDA since May 2020, providing validated software platform capabilities and RWD/E expertise to contribute to rapid evidence generation studies and advance methodological approaches within the research community.

In addition to this COVID-19-focused collaboration, FDA is also working with Aetion on a 5-year collaboration which aims to facilitate the use of novel oncology data sources to support research into, and the review of, novel therapies. Further, Aetion announced the launch of the Coalition for the Advancement of RWE through Randomized Controlled Trial Emulation (CARE) Initiative. The first phase of the Initiative will focus on oncology and involves a group of diverse partners

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