A Preview of Healthcare Startups at HLTH 2022

This article is part of a series sponsored by HLTH highlighting topics that will be discussed at the HLTH conference November 13-16 in Las Vegas.

At the HLTH conference scheduled for November 13-16 at the Venetian expo in Las Vegas, there will be numerous healthcare startups pitching as part of the HLTH Startup Pitch Competition, the AARP Startup Pitch Competition, and the Health Tech Challengers Grand Finale. There will be 90 companies exhibiting as part of the StartUp Health Festival. Cedars-Sinai Accelerator and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Startup Innovation Showcase will have startups pitching as well as exhibiting. Here’s an overview of some of those startups:

HLTH’s Startup Pitch Competition (sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Innovation): Monday, Nov 14 10:10 am PST

The Startup Stage and Cafe

General Prognostics: Javier Echenique, co-founder and CEO: Developing a blood biomarker-based remote monitoring solution for cardio-renal disease.

Sesh: Vittoria Bergeron Lecomte, Founder & CEO: Offers a mental health platform for online support groups led by licensed therapists.

Curio: Dr. Hillary Lin, co-founder and CEO: Provides evidence-based psychedelic-assisted coaching and therapy.

Rescripted: Abby Mercado, co-founder and CEO: Seeks to change the conversation around fertility, infertility, and pregnancy loss.

OpticSurg Inc:  Dr. Tran Tu Huynh, founder and CEO: Its telehealth platform enables frontline healthcare professionals working at the bedside to collaborate in real-time with colleagues, providers in a variety of healthcare settings.

Viora Health: Deb Dutta, founder & CEO: It uses technology to improve patient access to care and experience for programs that reduce disease progression in order to improve outcomes and reduce episodic costs.

SciMar One: Donna Conroy, co-Founder & CEO: Provides an AI-powered cloud solution to address pharma’s cross-functional and interdependent needs.

Infiuss Health: Melissa Bime, founder: The company is focused on helping to outsource clinical research in Africa.

Rhiza Health: Kyle Culver, founder and CEO: It helps community collaboration through decentralized (Web 3) technologies to improve systemic issues that contribute to the money wasted in the U.S. healthcare system each year.

Beaming Health: Marissa “Missy” Pittard, co-founder and CEO: Provides a platform that aggregates all of the resources a family might need to help families set their family up to thrive.

Empower Sleep: Sagar Chopra, co-founder and COO: A digital healthcare company providing online treatment for sleep disorders.

Alula: Liya Shuster-Bier, founder and CEO: It helps patients mitigate their symptom burden and manage everyday health needs during cancer treatment and recovery through a patient-curated product marketplace and expert support line.

Emcee: Stacy Feld, Johnson & Johnson Innovation


Jay Rughani, a16z

Julian Eison, Next Ventures

Alison Ryu, Able Partners


Brain Health Pitch Event (sponsored by AgeTech Collaborative from AARP): Monday Nov. 14, The Startup Stage and Cafe: 3:30 pm PST 

Emcee: Danielle D. Duplin, Co-founder, AGENCY: Worldwide Innovation for Living Longer & Aging Better

Neurotrack: Jordan Glenn, chief science officer: The company develops digital cognitive health solutions to help people assess, monitor, and strengthen their brain health to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Reju: Aaron Warrick, co-founder and CEO: Provides a platform to engage users with mental health and wellness resources such as self-improvement challenges, 1:1 therapy with wellness professionals and therapists, and progress tracking.

Akesa Health: Marie Lesaicherre, Founder and CEO: Provides a digital intervention designed to help people with post-traumatic stress to unlock their brain’s self-healing potential and to act as a first step or as a supplement to therapy.

Cognishape: Oren Meir, co-founder and CEO: Helps users to strengthen their mind and sharpen their memory with three scientifically based, daily brain-exercises.

Stabl: Hamza Shaikh, CEO: Provides remote patient monitoring for physical therapy.

Pear Suite: Colby Takeda, co-founder and CEO: Converts social determinants of health data into actionable solutions with the goal of helping community health workers to provide culturally sensitive care navigation.

Emcee: Danielle Duplin, co-founder, AGENCY: Worldwide Innovation for Living Longer & Aging Better


AARP SVP Policy & Brain Health Sarah Lock

Papa CEO and Founder Andrew Parker

Scarlet Communications Founder Jacqueline Baker

Pitch competition winners will be announced at 8pm at the Innovators’ Reception at Zouk Nightclub, Resorts World.

Health Tech Challengers Grand Finale, Tuesday Nov 15, 2:00pm PT


Yatek Solutions: CEO and Co-Founder Heidi Frost Eriksen: Its platform enlists VR exposure therapy and AI to help therapists treat social anxiety.

Motilent: CEO Alex Meny: Assesses digestive diseases with medical image analysis, focusing mainly on Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Gastroparesis.

Alertgy: CEO and Founder Marc Rippen: The company uses non-invasive “deep gluco” sensor tech to provide blood glucose monitoring through a wristband.

Implicity: CEO and Founder Dr. Arnaud Rosier: Provides AI-driven platform automating remote monitoring of implanted cardiac devices.

Medical Magnesium: CEO Florian Coppers: Develops metallic bioabsorbable implants for orthopedic and trauma surgical therapy.

NovaSight: CEO Ran Yam: Brings together eye tracking and data analytics to transform pediatric vision care.

Saventic: SARAH Platform Manager Joanna Jarmoc: Offers a clinical decision support system to help physicians in diagnosing rare diseases.

Onsurity: Co-Founder Kulin Shah: An India-based health tech company with employee healthcare plans for micro, and small to medium sized enterprises, startups and growing businesses.

Cedars-Sinai Accelerator Demo Day, Tuesday Nov 15, 3:00-6:00 pm PST San Polo Room 3403-3406, Lvl 3

The Cedars-Sinai Accelerator’s Demo Day will spotlight the health tech startups in its eighth cohort. These 10 companies will present their products and services to clinicians, executives, and sponsors. The Cedars-Sinai Accelerator has promoted health tech startups since 2016, collectively raising more than $500 million in funding.

Acolyte Health is creating digital twins for patient engagement.

Aevice Health develops smart wearables for adults and children with chronic respiratory conditions.

Aidin connects patients with providers, partners, and payers through referral management software.

Candlelit seeks to destigmatize and demystify mental healthcare for Black families.

GattaCo wants to revolutionize remote blood collection through a device that enables remote collection and stable transport.

HealthLeap has developed a dietary calculator to determine precise energy, protein, and macro needs with automatic calculations and smart prediction.

Luminare focuses on sepsis detection. Its approach is designed to accelerate the speed of sepsis detection to save lives, reduce alert fatigue, and increase revenue through improved clinical documentation.

Shift is using virtual reality to transform healthcare training.

Siimee wants to transform the recruiting and hiring process by reducing the biases that can occur in early stages of recruitment. 

Syntho has a synthetic data generation platform. It mimics (sensitive) data with AI to generate synthetic data twins.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Startup Innovation Showcase, Wednesday Nov 16, 10:00 am-11:45 am, Startup Stage

The AWS Healthcare Startup Innovation Showcase features presentations and demos from the top ten startups who participated in the AWS Healthcare Accelerator for Health Equity program. This cohort of startups brought forward game changing ideas that will improve access to care, provide actionable health equity data, expand access to medical transport, and help people without a home reach housing and health goals. Join us to see the transformation and growth behind each technology. Before and after the showcase, you can meet these companies and their teams at the AWS Healthcare Accelerator Startup Pavilion (Location 1557).

Clinify Health focuses on helping primary care and community health centers provide customized practice transformation services and access to actionable data.

ClosedLoop.ai helps healthcare organizations make accurate, explainable, and actionable predictions of individual-level health risks.

CognitiveCare seeks to detect and quantify health risks earlier.

Harmony Health provides an engagement platform to strengthen and optimize the intersections between sponsors and community organizations.

Kinetik has built a healthcare transportation infrastructure which connects health plans, brokers and providers to improve coordination and delivery of medical transport for patients to order.

Pair Team provides virtual and community extension of the clinic through tech enabled primary care support.

Samaritan enables communities to engage vulnerable members with support to meet housing and health goals.

SameSky Health (formerly known as ConsejoSano) provides culturally relevant content to improve patient engagement for Medicaid and Medicare patient populations.

Vincere Health has developed an innovative tobacco cessation platform.

Zócalo Health has built a healthcare experience developed by Latinos and geared for Latinos.

Photo: Khanisorn Chaokla, Getty Images

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