63% of Consumers Perceived Medical Billing as Challenging –

63% of Consumers Perceived Medical Billing as Challenging –
63% of Consumers Perceived Medical Billing as Challenging –

What You Should Know:

  • HealthLock, a leading medical fraud and overbilling protection solution, today unveiled insightful findings from a recent attitudinal study exploring how adults in the United States feel about healthcare, from claims and billing to medical fraud and privacy.
  • The study sheds light on consumer attitudes and preferences, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to address the public’s concerns.

Exploring National Sentiments Regarding Healthcare

In January 2023, a comprehensive survey was conducted with 1,000 participants to gain insights into their attitudes and concerns regarding healthcare and medical expenses. The survey revealed four distinct outlooks among respondents, each representing a significant portion of the population and traversing various demographics. The outlooks were classified as Overwhelmed, Anxious, Fix the System, and Proactive. Additionally, the study highlighted key themes related to health management, healthcare costs, medical privacy, and billing disputes.

Overwhelmed (30%):

The Overwhelmed segment expressed significant stress and anxiety when managing healthcare and medical bills. Participants in this group desired a simplified payment process and assistance in understanding complex insurance documents. They particularly emphasized concerns about health emergencies and the prominent financial impact such situations may have on their lives.

Anxious (23%):

The Anxious group primarily focused on privacy risks, medical billing fraud, and identity theft. These respondents were particularly worried about online security and sharing sensitive health information on the internet. The fear of identity theft emerged as a significant problem among this segment.

Fix the System (24%):

The Fix the System outlook advocated for reducing healthcare costs, increasing transparency in health insurance, and calling for governmental intervention to address the rising expenses in the healthcare sector. This group emphasized the importance of maintaining patient-doctor-insurance confidentiality.

Proactive (23%):

The Proactive segment exhibited a forward-thinking approach to healthcare, actively seeking ways to reduce medical costs. These participants demonstrated confidence in their financial skills and understanding of insurance processes. They firmly believed in the effectiveness of health insurance and trusted accurate medical billing.

“The results of this study reveal just how complex the healthcare landscape has become for the average consumer,” said Scott Speranza, CEO of HealthLock. “From overwhelming stress to rising costs, it’s clear that contemporary solutions are needed to address these pressing issues. All of these concerns drive our work at HealthLock, where we are committed to returning privacy, control and savings to patients when it comes to their healthcare.”

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