6 high-paying career options in Public Health

Catering to public health and well-being is not confined to physicians, surgeons, nurses, or paramedic staff alone. Almost every public health degree holder contributes to welfare, well-being, and sustenance directly or indirectly. That is why public health aspirants and professionals have a broad scope and countless career opportunities in private and public professional settings.

They are also well-versed and qualified to start an independent setup and offer public health-related advisory, consultancy, and therapeutic services. For instance, many occupational therapists, well-being managers, health and well-being attorneys, behavioral counselors, public health researchers, nutritionists, and dieticians also choose independent work.

But regardless of the work environment, public health workers enjoy prosperous, progressive, and fulfilling career journeys. And constant exploration, progress, transformation, and diversity in the healthcare industry will further create innovative, exciting, and profitable career opportunities for public health experts in the coming days.

The following sections explore some high-paying jobs in public health.

  1. Medical health director

It is an executive-level position where public health experts look after routine functions of a healthcare facility, scrutinize hindrances and shortcomings to better services, and scheme policies to improve outcomes. It is one of the highest-paying career positions in the healthcare industry, where many seasoned professionals have an earning potential of over a hundred thousand dollars. But higher education is a prerequisite to get such perks. That is why aspirants for public health director vacancies hold advanced degrees like a master of public health (MPH), master of health management, master in global health, master of health administration, master in healthcare management, and others.

Both experience and qualification are essential to convince hirers regarding your potential and suitability for a higher position. Advanced degree qualifications shorten your journey to achieve a fulfilling career position. Hence, registering for an online MPH degree would be an excellent idea. The online mode of education is convenient and helps adjust studies with work without much trouble, and soon you will find yourself in a decision-making position.

  1. Epidemiologist

Epidemiology concerns emerging diseases, disease spread patterns, risk factors, vulnerable groups, and control measures. And epidemiologists focus on a public health problem and explore solutions through research, experiments, analysis, and investigations. They work on emerging and ongoing public health crises by gathering information, investigating current and past trends of diseases, performing statistical analysis, and presenting workable solutions to policymakers.

Epidemiologists have an irreplaceable role in the preparedness, prevention, and containment of public health catastrophes. That is why epidemiology experts have higher demand in laboratories, research centers, policymaking platforms, hospitals, and other healthcare-related settings. And given the current trend of unpredictable emergencies in public health like the COVID-19 pandemic, epidemiologists will continue to make their mark for the betterment of public health.

  1. Emergency management director

Emergency management department services are vital to managing unpredictable crises. The emergency management director oversees all the activities, preparations, and programs relating to current and emerging healthcare crises, natural catastrophes, accidents, warfare attacks, and other devastating situations. An emergency management director ensures rapid and efficient response to prevent uncontrollable damage from such emergencies.

They assess public health hazards, procure resources, manage healthcare facilities, prepare rapid response teams, supervise emergency training programs, coordinate with healthcare departments, and review ongoing activities.

They also maintain seamless communication with government agencies, non-profit organizations, communities, and healthcare experts to expedite coordinated emergency response. Given the nerve-wracking nature of emergencies and the workload, emergency management directors also get bountiful remuneration packages. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they earn over $76,000 annual median salary.

  1. Public health consultant

Public health consultants are highly qualified professionals with graduate and postgraduate degrees and rich experience in health-related fields, including epidemiology, nursing, biology, global health, health science, environmental science, social work, psychology, and relevant specializations.

They cater to pressing public health emergencies and brainstorm strategies to expedite recovery and minimize damages. They also partake in investigation, policymaking, healthcare staff training, networking with public health investors and stakeholders, and public health promotional programs.

Mostly, they are part of time-bound welfare initiatives and render their consultations as independent consultants. But many also have affiliations with hospitals and other public, private, and non-profit organizations. Either way, public health consultants have a diverse scope to contribute to public health and well-being.

Since they invest their time in many professional endeavors, they have immense earning potential like other high-paying jobs in public health.

  1. Public health informatics expert

Public health information experts utilize data science, computer science, digital tools, and technology for the betterment and well-being of the public. Informatics and data science algorithms, methods, processes, and applications help them utilize numbers, statistics, trends, and relevant data to understand and cater to public health challenges.

Predictive modeling, healthcare preparedness, emergency management, disease prevention strategies, surveillance, electronic reporting, digital medical record management, health awareness and promotion, quality management, and telehealth have informatics experts in the back and front end. And public health informatics experts also have a prosperous scope in a rapidly evolving and digitalizing healthcare industry.

Either way, they endeavor to improve health care and delivery.

Some estimates show the average annual salary of public health informatics technicians is over $54,000 a year, and informatics directors can earn more than double this amount.

  1. Nutritionist and dietitian

Nutritionists and dietitians advise people to stay fit and healthy by eating healthy food and making healthy choices. They help people understand how unhealthy diets and dietary patterns contribute to well-being challenges and acquire healthy choices and habits to prevent falling prey to many diet-related well-being issues.

Nutritionists and dietitians work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, sports training centers, food research institutes, food manufacturing industries, and non-profit organizations. Many public and private agencies and organizations also hire nutritionists and dietitians to advise them on making healthy menus, improving workers’ health, and devising sustainable dietary policies for sustained well-being.

Given the alarming increase in obesity, diabetes, and related consequences like coronary heart diseases, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, limb amputation, blindness, kidney failure, and neuropathy, the services and knowledge of these specialists have a life-saving importance.

The future healthcare sector also holds considerable space for nutritionists and dietitians to manage public health crises. Nonetheless, it is also a high-paying career position.


Since public health has diverse scope, career opportunities are also limitless. Qualified individuals can fit in and succeed anywhere. But generous packages, perks, and decision-making career positions are limited to highly trained and experienced professionals.

It may be a long route, but everyone can make it with preparation. Soon you can contribute to people’s lives and earn as much as you desire.

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