4medica’s EMPI Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

4medica’s EMPI Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace
4medica’s EMPI Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

What You Should Know:

  • 4medica®, a healthcare data quality and matching technology company, today announced that the 4medica Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.
  • Built on Google Cloud’s Healthcare API, 4medica’s EMPI offers healthcare organizations access to a highly scalable data management services such as referential matching and identity enrichment.

Impact of Poor Healthcare Data Quality

Far too many healthcare organizations struggle with duplication rates of 20% or more. Inability to accurately match patients to their medical records makes it difficult for clinicians to make evidence-based decisions at the point of care. Inaccurate and incomplete patient records can result in poorer outcomes, medico-legal exposure and operational inefficiencies.

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to their EMPI data allows healthcare organizations to see patterns, opportunities and gaps that need attention. 4medica’s EMPI platform uses a four-layer process that begins with an analysis of a healthcare organization’s data quality to determine the duplication rate. Data then is run through 4medica’s Big Data MPI, after which ML is applied to automate error detection. Step 3 connects patient data with multiple third-party sources of information for referential matching and data enrichment. A comprehensive review of outstanding duplicate candidates and false positives by the 4medica data science team comprises the final layer.

“Poor data quality undermines the ability of healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes while controlling costs,” said Riju Khetarpal, director, Healthcare and Life Sciences ISV Partnerships at Google Cloud. “With 4medica’s Master Patient Index now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers are able to build high quality data pipelines which improve patient safety and efficiency.”

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